Thank you for visiting the website of Whitman Wellness Center, A Back and Neck Pain Center. Within our web site you will find the answers to the underlying causes of Chronic Pain Syndromes— such as Fibromyalgia, chronic neck and back pain, headaches, arthritis, chronic knee, foot and ankle pain and much more! The cause of gastrointestinal complaints including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gastric reflux, and Crohn’s Disease can also be found.

Further learn how you can become proactive in preventing the chronic degenerative diseases that are killing us; Heart Disease, Cancer, Medical mistakes and pharmaceuticals, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and Obesity. Learn what you can do to prevent and protect against these diseases and actions that steal your quality of life and eventually your life.

In this office we use specialized chiropractic procedures called Koren Specific Technique (See explanation and Video). We also specialize in Functional Health Care Procedures which are science based personalized healthcare approaches that access and treat underlying causes of chronic pain and illness through individually tailored programs to restore health and function without potentially harmful drugs and surgery.

Procrastination is Your Enemy

Putting off obtaining medical attention is one of the worst things that you can do. would like to tell you about why procrastination is your enemy.

Many people think that if they wait long enough, a […]

Stress, Hormones, & Belly FAT

It’s gut-wrenching for me to see a new patient walk into my wellness center who is too far gone for me to help them reverse their pain and ravaged health. Sadly, they’ve allowed too much […]

IODINE: Throwing Gasoline onto a Fire:

Iodine is a hot supplement these days. Many people and practitioners have come to value iodine’s therapeutic potential, especially for breast and uterine fibroids. Iodine is also vital to thyroid function, as it is a […]

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