Fun Facts About The Human Brain

– Results from cognitive tests show 30% of 80-year-olds perform as well as young adults.

– Your brain is about 2% of your total body weight but uses 20% of your body’s energy.

– The energy used by the brain is enough to light a 25 watt bulb.

– More electrical impulses are generated in one day by a single human brain than by all the telephones in the world.

– How much does human brain think? 70,000 is the number of thoughts that it is estimated the human brain produces on an average day.

– After age 30, the brain shrinks a quarter of a percent (0.25%) in mass each year.

– Albert Einsteins brain weighed 1,230 grams (2.71 lbs), significantly less then the human average of 1,300g to 1,400g (3 lbs).

– Each year Americans consume 50 billion aspirin tablets or 15.5 million tons.

– 89.06 is the percentage of people who report normally writing with their right hand, 10.6% with their left and 0.34% with either hand.


(resource:  brainhealthandpuzzles .com)
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