It’s probably not your GENES fault that your JEANS don’t fit!

happy family generational pictureMany aging myths need to be shattered. Even the impact of genetics on long-term health is now being turned on its head. For example, today we know that genetics only contributes about 3–5% of our longevity. The rest comes from life choices that affect how our genes behave under the conditions we hand them.


If you’re confused about what it takes to achieve maximum wellness and a physical appearance you can be proud of, I can help. If you’re looking for a  better diet and fitness program than you’ve followed in the past—or at least tried to follow — I can help. But before explaining how and why I can help you, I first want to make it clear what we’re up against when we opt for maximum wellness. Also, why so many people fail to get what they’re seeking:


The number one reason most people fail to achieve their wellness goals or even maintain their current state of health is that 90% of the information available to them is inaccurate or deliberately misleading.  My goal is to give you all of the information you need to succeed.  My staff and I will be here for you along the way for questions, concerns, support, and to celebrate your success.

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